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About the Treats & Tunes Organization

The Treats & Tunes mission is to provide people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities with a platform to share their talent while giving back to their communities. Senior citizens in Assisted Living Centers as well as members of other care facilities often lack enrichment opportunities and intellectually stimulating activities. Treats & Tunes was founded to help provide engaging activities and entertainment for members of these communities.


The idea for Treats & Tunes was born when founder, Riya Narayan, realized the joy that music can bring to the elderly and members of long term care facilities. Elderly citizens in Alzheimer's and Dementia care centers often struggle with feelings of loneliness, and as the human body ages, engaging activities are necessary in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Treats & Tunes provides a sense of community and brings joy to members of these communities. By joining the Treats & Tunes community, you are making a truly valuable difference in someone's life. 

why join?

> social isolation in elderly care facilities can lead to many mental health crises among these citizens

> feelings of loneliness and isolation have been greatly exacerbated in assisted living centers as well as other long term care centers since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

> 22% to 44% of citizens in long term care facilities experience severe loneliness compared to 10% of the community population

> loneliness is a major risk factor in health issues such as depression and overall quality of life 

> something as small as a conversation with an elderly citizen can make their day

> when physical interaction isn't an option, music can help heal wounds and touch someone's heart 

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> music can help provide a sense of community for seniors impacted by social isolation

> music helps build neural pathways and it is proven to help fight dementia & memory loss

> music connects emotions and memories in our brains. these connections create a better quality of life

> music can help improve the depression & loneliness exacerbated by the pandemic

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