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Welcome to Treats & Tunes!

Treats & Tunes is a global organization where people of all ages and abilities can find a way to give back to their communities through music!  
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What can I perform?

Anything! Treats & Tunes is a platform meant to let you share your talents with members of long-term care facilities. In past performances, we've had singers, lots of different instrumentalists, poets, songwriters, and more! 

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Follow the directions on google sheet below to sign up for this month's Treats & Tunes performances. 

You may choose to perform in as many as you'd like!

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Are you interested in starting a Treats & Tunes group in your community? 

Email us or dm us on Instagram for information! We're looking for enthusiastic leaders ready to make a positive impact.



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get in touch if you'd like to be a part of our growing community!

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