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Riya Narayan

Founder and Executive Director

Riya currently attends high school at the University School of Nashville in Nashville, TN. She first started Treats & Tunes in 2019, and it quickly turned into something she was extremely passionate about. Inspired to further the program, she scheduled all the performances, recruited performers, and met all of the residents individually. Since the start of the pandemic, Riya reached out to more centers and continued the program online throughout 2020. Outside of her work with Treats & Tunes, Riya loves to learn about space and spend time with her dog, Bo. 

Leadership Team


  • Hazel Parker Hersh -- California

  • Sean Durbin -- Michigan

  • Hallie Young -- Canada

  • Jaanvi Muchanthla -- Michigan

  • Harini Shankar -- California

  • Harry McNulty -- New York


  • Archita Pal -- Canada

  • Arpita Pal -- Canada

  • Archischa Mishra -- Canada


  • Sonia Mistry -- Tennessee